Employee Lactation Rooms





Greenberg Hall

SC1 (Suite 47)


14 Wall Street

9th Floor

Calvin Jones,Tenant Coordinator

One Park Ave

6th Floor


360 Park Ave South

13th Floor


Perlmutter Cancer Center
160 E. 34th Street

5th Floor


Hospital for Joint Diseases

10th Floor

Room 1022 / Tom Fascianella, Security

All other offsites


Contact your manager for assistance

How to Make Reservations

Greenberg Hall, One Park Ave, 360 Park Ave So.* Perlmutter Cancer Center 160 E. 34th St.*         

  • Logon to: http://www.atnyulmc.org
  • Click on link Popular Links (across top bar), then click on “Meeting Rooms”
  • Once logged into Meeting Room, the Lactation Rooms are listed under the specific location. Select building location/address, floor and room and make a reservation.
  • For Greenberg Hall, click on NYUMC tab
  • Make a 30 minute reservation for the time that works for you. You may also schedule recurring reservations for same day/time for up to 3 months. (Use Recurrence button)
  • If you cannot keep a reservation, please delete from schedule, to make it available to other employees.
  • Get the Door Code and confirmation
    • Contact: Ilene Masser, ilene.masser@nyumc.org
    • Ruth Lannaman, ruth.lannaman@nyumc.org  for the door code and for reservation confirmation
    • *Note: 360 Park Ave. So. & 160 East 34th Street (Perlmutter Cancer Center)
      do not require a door code

Hospital for Joint Diseases (HJD), Room 10-51C

  • Contact the Security Department on the 1st floor for room key
  • Key needs to be returned to Security after each use
  • Contact: Tom Fascianella, Security Director, thomas.fascianella@nyumc.org  (212-598-6675)
    or  Austin Bender, Human Resources Director, austin.bender@nyumc.org (212-460-0138).

14 Wall Street, 9th Floor
Contact: Calvin Jones, Tenant Coordinator, calvin.jones@nyumc.org, (646-381-9582), or
Esmerania Rodriguez, Asst. to Wesley Smith, esmerania.rodriguez@nyumc.org 
(10th Floor, Rm. 10-017 or 212-404-4302)

All other offsite locations
Contact your manager for assistance in locating an appropriate space for expressing milk.

(See FAQ’s)